You helped Design By Jaz become a reality.

We are thrilled that everyone who wears jewelry from Design by Jaz owns a unique statement piece — enchanting, alluring and worthy of a true Goddess. 


I’m an artist and have a unique vision of what I see and feel for each piece I create. I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 25 years as a stylist and a makeup artist. I studied fashion merchandising & design and also studied art under a Florida Master Artist.

Then one day…

I was researching Victorian Era Art, Art Nouveau, Art Deco as well as specific artists and jewelry makers from those time periods, such as Mucha, Neiger Brothers, and Henri Vever. I also have a tremendous respect for the artist of former Bohemia.

After studying these time periods, I realized I could blend these time periods together and create my own genre. 

I love the beauty, seductiveness, and femininity portrayed within these time periods. 

I decided to create a bold yet feminine line of jewelry perfect for the quintessential Goddess. Design by Jaz fuses beauty, seductiveness, and femininity with vintage styling. The end result is a unique Design by Jaz that connects past with present. 

It turns out…

It took more time and energy than I imagined, because I wanted to be sure I created the perfect depiction for my ideal customer, a powerful and feminine woman. 

But then…

After 100s of hours of research, many mistakes, and connecting with high-quality suppliers, I knew I had found the perfect combination for the Mystique Goddess Signature Line. 

Before finally launching, there were trials and tribulations, as we’ve all experienced. Even so, we released our Signature Line and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.